Your Monsoon Companion – Tea

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At last, monsoon has arrived, the season of chai is here finally. It’s that time of the year when people prefer to lay on their comfy sofa with a cozy blanket and a thirst-quenching cup of tea.

Early morning one gets up just for the sake of tea, people roll out of their bed and follow the fragrance of the brewing tea leaves as it makes us feel alive. The aroma of tea along with the earthy smell of the rain hitting the ground reduces stress and improves our mood.

The sound of the first raindrops gives a sense of relief after battling with a long period of heat and tiredness. A cup of tea is the cherry on the cake making it worth the wait. When the rains give you chills down the spine, a single sip of tea will give you all the warmth that you desire.

During monsoon ginger tea is considered to be the best among the rest, it acts as a sort of kaadhaa (decoction) to keep your body warm and saves you from catching a cold. Consuming this decoction, most of us get energized for the entire day. Apart from this, the vibrant tang of ginger is a relish to the dynamic taste of chai.

ginger tea cup

Masala chai could be an alternative if you don’t prefer the electrifying sting of ginger. It is simply a mix of spices which you can get at any nearby general store. The masala usually consists of jaiphal (nutmeg), elaichi (cardamom), saunth (dried ginger), laung (cloves), etc. as per the brand, it may vary. The fusion of these flavours blends so well that it will enchant your taste buds.

If you enjoy having snacks then a plate of hot sizzling pakora or luscious kaanda bhajiya (onion fries) along with chai is the best combination for monsoon. Chai has a capability to gel well with any type of snack.

Tea and sabudana vada

Sitting beside the window with a cup of tea, watching the rain pouring down is the most relaxing and soothing thing ever. If you are not a tea lover try it once, Just Say Chai and you will surely feel a sparkling connection between the two.

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