Raju ki Chai: Colaba’s best-loved tea spot!

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Hello tea lovers, how many of you visit Chhayos, Tea Villa and other such cafes regularly? That too just for the sake of a heart throbbing cup of tea? I’m sure that maximum of y’all will say yes! Well, I also belong to the majority. Wherever I go my eyes search for cafes and tea stalls where I can have a freshly brewed cup of tea. I usually look for some genuine herbs and organic tea flavours. 


One particular day one of my friends residing in Colaba recommended me this social tea spot named Raju Ki Chai (RKC) which according to her is fantabulous for tea lovers. Being a tea lover myself, I couldn’t resist and paid a visit to this cafe with a bunch of friends. 


The Cafe

Raju ki Chai is a beautiful cafe cum tea stall. You must have visited many cafe’s but this one is something unique and different from others. It’s small and sweet, yet there’s plenty of room for around 8 to 10 people.

RKC quote 1

The most amazing thing was their decor, the walls had memes and quotes hanged up that were somehow or the other related to tea. The entire place was so colourful & bright with overpowering colours like yellow and red. The quotes on the wall were quite funny and inspiring. The aroma had a pleasant fragrance of herbs and masalas.

RKC quote 2

Chai Time

Coming on to the main thing, the ‘Chai’. We saw the menu and were confused to choose from so many varieties of tea. Finally, we came to a conclusion and ordered 4 different variants of Kulladh wali chai. I’m a ginger tea lover, so I had to order one. Others ordered Masala tea, Ginger & Cardamom tea and RKC Special tea. Other than tea they also had coffee, cold drinks and snacks on their menu.


  • Ginger Tea

The ‘Ginger Tea’ was overwhelming, it was much like the homemade type of tea but more refreshing. I love the taste of ginger with the sweetness of honey/sugar. I could feel that spark in the tea. The ginger tea cost around Rs.35. It has also been mentioned as the Jain tea as it does not contain anything that could violate their choices. 


  • Ginger & Cardamom Tea

The ‘Ginger and Cardamom Tea’ tasted much like the earlier one but with a twist of cardamom flavour. Although ginger is dominating in nature yet you could sense the strong punch of cardamom. As y’all know that cardamom is getting quite expensive nowadays, so it’s natural that the cardamom tea would be a bit costly but guess what? As this tea contains two ingredients ginger and cardamom it costs just Rs. 45, which is still much cheaper than the other cafe’s rates.


  • Masala Tea

The third one being the ‘Masala Chai’ had multiple ingredients like clove, cardamom, cinnamon, etc. It was difficult to spot all the ingredients at once since spices were well mixed up to form the pleasing taste. The amazing fact is that although this chai masala has so many ingredients still its available at a mere price of Rs. 35.


  • RKC Special Tea

Last but not least, the ‘RKC Special Chai’. This tea was actually special and magical. You won’t find this wonderful authentic chai anywhere else but RKC. It was actually a combination of ginger tea, cardamom tea and other ones giving it a rich and powerful taste. It is available at a low cost of Rs. 35 only.


The best thing is that the tea was provided in Kulhads(Small clay pots). Looking at the kulhads you eventually get that village kind of feeling. The trace of the kulhads was much like the earthy smell when the first rain touches the ground. Kulhads have always been the best option for chai. It completely changes the feel and taste of tea. 


Snack Time

Along with tea we also took some snacks. Their menu had a section for varieties of Maggi, sandwiches, buns and other snacks. We ordered two bun maska(bread butter), a grilled cheese sandwich and a plate of fries. The quantity was good enough for four people. 


The bun maskas had actual butter layered all over the bun. There were three slices of each bun. Although it was a simple dish yet tasty enough. People belonging to the suburban and rural areas will surely remember the good old days while having it. It was quite affordable, Rs.40 per bun. 

Bun Maska
   Bun Maska and Ginger & Cardamom Tea

Then we had the classic french fries, which I liked a lot as it was hot & crunchy. I love having french fries whenever I visit McD but let me tell you these were awesome too. However, they were a bit costly as compared to other places. A single plate of plain french fries here costs Rs.95. The Peri Peri and Cheese one’s costs Rs.110. 

French Fries
                                                        French Fries

We were a bit hungry still so we also ordered a veg grilled cheese sandwich which was eternally yummy. It was full of vegetables and loaded with cheese. This sandwich was available at a good rate of Rs. 135 which is a common rate of sandwiches at cafes. The chutney accompanied by the sandwich had a distinct flavour and a divine taste.

Grilled Cheese Sandwich
            Grilled Cheese Sandwich and RKC Special Tea

Overall this place is good for youngsters like college-going students as well as working people. You can visit this place for an evening snack or maybe for lunch too. We were just four of us and our bill summoned to something around Rs. 460. That means Rs.115 per person which makes it even better. The fact that this place is so cheap & affordable, attracts a number of customers during the day time. 


Do visit Raju ki Chai cafe cum tea stall whenever you get a chance and make sure to share your experience with us. Comment down your response in the comment section or write to us at [email protected]. I’ll be reading your responses and will also post the best ones on our Instagram page @justsaychai_  Let us know which place in Mumbai y’all want us to review next at Just Say Chai!


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