It’s Green, It’s Healthy, It’s Barnesbeg!

Barnesbeg Organic Green Tea

If you are more of a junk food eating person then a single cup of ‘Green Tea’ can change your life completely. It makes your metabolism strong so that all the crap you ate can be digested at a faster rate. Drink Healthy, Stay Healthy! For greater health benefits I would suggest having the Barnesbeg … Read more

A visit to Tea Villa Cafe

tea villa cafe ghatkopar east

The ambience of Tea Villa was so delightful & the aroma was breathtaking. While taking a look at their menu I just couldn’t get over the fascinating fact that they serve around 100 variants of tea, I mean like seriously?. It seemed like a paradise for chai lovers.

Your Monsoon Companion – Tea

Tea Cup and Rain

At last, monsoon has arrived, the season of chai is here finally. It’s that time of the year when people prefer to lay on their comfy sofa with a cozy blanket and a thirst-quenching cup of tea. Early morning one gets up just for the sake of tea, people roll out of their bed and … Read more

CHAI – Not just a beverage but an emotion!

Just Say Chai

It all started on that miraculous day, it was raining heavily and unfortunately. I had forgotten to carry my umbrella to college. It was getting dark outside, the roads were flooded and quite chaotic. I had no other option rather than walking home in the rain. When I reached home, I was so frustrated that … Read more