It’s Green, It’s Healthy, It’s Barnesbeg!

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If you are more of a junk food eating person then a single cup of ‘Green Tea’ can change your life completely. It makes your metabolism strong so that all the crap you ate can be digested at a faster rate.

Drink Healthy, Stay Healthy!

For greater health benefits I would suggest having the Barnesbeg Organic Green tea.

Why Barnesbeg?

‘Barnesbeg’ is a leading tea company that guarantees to serve you the finest tea with the goodness of flavour. Organic green tea assures multiple benefits, not only for fitness but it also overcomes anxiety & takes good care of your skin.

The fresh tea leaves are directly picked from the farm of Darjeeling and Assam with minimal process and handled with care.

I’m having this herbal tea for two weeks now and I’m already loving the results. It comes in a pack of 25 teabags (Rs.160), it might seem a bit costly but when you have it you truly understand it’s worth in every sip. After having a cup of Barnesbeg tea you will feel refreshed and energized in a fraction of seconds, that’s the glory of Barnesbeg.

Barnesbeg Organic Green Tea

The ingredients include ginger & tulsi, the best combination to fight back cold & cough. As it is the month of monsoon, people are easily affected by viral diseases. Tulsi(Basil) is a herb that strengthens our immune system and gradually uplifts our mood. On the other hand, ginger reduces pain and inflammation.

This tea is quite relaxing and soothing, I prefer having a cup at night just before I go to bed for a good sleep. It automatically helps me to regain my energy and improves my digestion. It is best suited with a spoonful of honey to add a slight sweetness to it.

When it comes to fitness it doesn’t matter whether you are a chai lover or not. If you set your focus clearly & have green tea regularly nothing can stop you from getting healthier. So, Just Say Chai!

You can buy it now on Amazon at a discounted rate from the link provided below. 

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