CHAI – Not just a beverage but an emotion!

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It all started on that miraculous day, it was raining heavily and unfortunately. I had forgotten to carry my umbrella to college. It was getting dark outside, the roads were flooded and quite chaotic. I had no other option rather than walking home in the rain. When I reached home, I was so frustrated that I couldn’t help it but started getting angry on Mumma. By that time I had already caught a severe cold. Eventually, after listening to all my crap, mom knew the cure to all my emotional drama. She said in anger, “Just say chai!”, that’s all you need.

At that time I realized that chai is the solution to all my life problems. A single cup of tea can make my worries go away, it strengthens me to face the difficulties and step ahead with courage. Who knew that a commonly available beverage can be so refreshing and energizing at the same time. Just a few spices mixed up with a handful of tea leaves, milk and water can pump you up to achieve your goals & shoo away your fatigue.

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“Chai” (tea) originated in India thousands of years ago, in the ancient royal courts. Earlier tea was treated as herbal medicine, a healing ayurvedic beverage, to cure the illness of the royalties.

I’m a North Indian & we are used to having tea, multiple times a day. Thus, I’m quite addicted to tea as my day starts and ends with a cup of tea. If I don’t get it in the morning I get a severe headache. I feel like, Chai is to my Life as Blood is to my Heart, it keeps me pumped throughout the day.

A famous personality has quoted:

“If you are cold, tea will warm you;
if you are too heated, it will cool you;
If you are depressed, it will cheer you;
If you are excited, it will calm you.”

William Ewart Gladstone

Many of us are unaware of the magic of tea, we just consider it like any other beverage. The purpose of creating is to enlighten everyone about this elixir from the old worlds – ‘Chai’ and to create a sense of awareness regarding the benefits of having a sip of tea over any other beverage. So, JUST SAY CHAI!

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