Brew it like the Colombians Brew Coffee!

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Just like chai addicts, there are people out there who can’t stand a single day without coffee. They cannot say no to a cup of freshly brewed coffee. If you are one of them then you won’t regret checking out this article. Having one or two cups of coffee a day won’t cause any harm. Instead, a cup of coffee had early in the morning boosts up energy & keeps you hydrated. 

I was surfing on the internet lately to look for some nice and different coffee brands so I came across this particular one called ‘Colombian Brew Coffee’. I found it quite interesting, did some research and thought to try it out. Keep on reading to know more and more about this alluring coffee brand.

Colombian Coffee

“Colombian Brew Coffee” the brand

Colombian Brew was actually inspired by father Francisco Romero, a 16th-century Colombian priest. It was then when Colombia’s Coffee revolution began. Their coffee is made from handpicked Arabica beans that are sourced from best plantations all over the world.

Colombian brew is an internationally accepted gourmet coffee brand. There are very few coffee brands who provide flavoured coffees, Colombian Brew is one of them. They have a vast range of flavoured instant and ground coffee. 

According to them, the entire process of making coffee is an art. The coffee beans are first roasted to medium-dark and grounded using authentic Colombian techniques. Their coffee is perfect to be used for a french press, espresso machine, drip coffee machine, Moka pot, cold brew or anything. Name it and they’ll have a way to prepare that coffee for you. 

The Colombian brew instant coffee has the right freezing temperature to give it a true Colombian flavour. The coffee pouches are filled with natural nitrogen to flood it with all the necessary flavours and essence. They also provide small spoons inside the packet to get you the right amount of coffee every time.

Colombian Brew’s Features

Columbian Brew coffee has a very smooth texture, it is finely grounded powder with no bumps or irregularities. This coffee neither contains sugar nor chicory. Chicory is a flowering plant which was earlier used as a substitute for coffee. Lastly, it is keto-friendly.

Colombian Coffee Features

Keto Coffee aka Bulletproof Coffee

The best thing about Colombian brew coffee is that it is Keto diet-friendly. People who are on a diet are getting obsessed with keto coffee. This is because it boosts up your energy and keeps you full for a long time. Not only that but it also helps you to get a flat belly at a faster rate. 

By the idea of Keto coffee, Colombian Brew made it very clear that it will be loved by the fitness freaks too. Having healthy coffee regularly has a lot of benefits. It reduces the risks of cancer, neurological diseases like Alzheimer, cardiovascular diseases, liver diseases, diabetes, metabolic conditions and so on. Another benefit of coffee is that the caffeine makes sure to control your metabolism and burn calories faster and efficiently. 

The Coffee

I bought three different variants of Colombian Brew Coffee from Amazon at a great discount rate namely Instant Coffee, Double Chocolate Mocha and Vanilla Coffee. The fact that they provided the samples of other coffee flavours was the cherry on the cake. This actually made it possible for me to try out the other flavours too.   

  • Instant Coffee

50gm – Rs.119

Instant coffees are also known as soluble coffee. It is derived from brewed coffee beans. It actually helps to prepare hot coffee instantly. It is nothing but your everyday coffee. You need not buy the coffee beans, grind them and then finally have it. It cuts out this entire process and provides you with fresh finely powdered coffee.

  • Double Chocolate Mocha

50gm – Rs.190

If you are a mocha lover then this is surely for you. Mocha with chocolate is a deadly combination ever in the history of the coffee-making process. It tastes much like the cafe-style mocha with better chocolate taste. In fact, if you are wishing to have a cafe mocha but not willing to visit a cafe then this is your saviour for the day. Another amazing thing is that it is a lot cheaper than the ones you get at cafes. This coffee can be had plain or you can add some whipped cream on top to make it tastier. 

Chocolate Mocha

  • Wild Vanilla Coffee

50gm – Rs.190

This is my personal favourite out of the three. It has a light creamy colour but it is full of taste. The fragrance of this coffee variant is so delightful that it brings a smile on my face as soon as I smell it. It has a rich flavour much like the Alpenliebe chocolate. You can have it after a long stressful day, it will help you to calm down in a fraction of second. I usually don’t prefer dark or black coffee, but this is something that tastes good in any form. The vanilla actually cuts down the bitterness of coffee. 

You can use any of these to make the “Dalgona Coffee” which is currently trending worldwide. All you need to do is take 2 tablespoon coffee, 2 and ½ tablespoon sugar and 2 tablespoons warm water. Whisk it all in a bowl, it will give you a smooth creamy texture. Now take a glass, put some ice cubes in it and pour milk in it up to ⅔ rd part of the glass. Lastly, put the coffee mixture that you made on top of it. You can decorate it with some chocolate syrup, choco chips or sprinkles. I tried making it with the Mocha Coffee and this is how it turned out. Yummy as it should be.

Coffee Samples

All these coffees can be had with either hot milk or cold, with whipped cream or chocolate syrup. You can have it with some slidders like nachos, pringles, french fries, cake slices, pakoras, etc. They were kind enough to send me their other brand’s tea samples too, I’ll be uploading another article soon on Cambridge tea party, where you will find the review for the tea samples as well.

Colombian Coffee Samples

Fun Facts

  • Finland consumes the most amount of coffee in the entire world.
  • Around 40% of the world’s coffee comes from Brazil.
  • Before coffee became famous, the common morning beverage was beer.
  • Research has been made to convert coffee into biodiesel.
  • Coffee was said to be discovered by a goat herder.
  • Regular coffee intake reduces the risks of heart diseases and cancer.
  • There are two wide categories of coffee: Robusta and Arabica.
  • Add some cream to keep your coffee warm.
  • An average American spends around $1,092 on coffee every year.
  • There’s a National coffee park built in Quindio in the year 1995 by the National Federation of Coffee Growers in Colombia based on the Colombian coffee production.

Having coffee regularly can help you live longer. So why not opt for a better lifestyle. Don’t forget to follow our Instagram page @justsaychai_ where I’ll be uploading the reviews about the samples. If you have any suggestions then write us a mail at [email protected] or [email protected] else send us a message through our Contact Page.

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