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Nothing can beat a sizzling hot cup of tea with the pleasant fragrance of herbs, agreed? We all know that the answer would be Yes. What if I say you that tea could be beneficial to humans based on their blood type… Shocked? So was I when I heard about it, I did some detailed study & concluded that we can improve our health simply by having the relevant type of tea that suits our blood group. Amazing, isn’t it?

How is this possible?

Let’s get on to the scientific side, a very well-known doctor Dr. Peter J. D’Adamo(naturopathic physician) has based his career on this methodology, he believes in the majestic power of herbs. He wrote a book titled ‘The Blood Type Diet’. If you want to have thorough knowledge about dieting you can read his book.

Dr. D’Adamo says that each blood type has special needs that can be fulfilled by including a type of tea in your diet. He has several followers who follow this diet including famous actresses. So now you know that it would actually be something worthy and must be tried at least once.

Blood Group

The Blood Type Diet

Let’s start with the most common blood group type O. If you belong to this type then you will be mostly affected with stomach problems like acidity. So the best-suited tea for blood type O is ginger tea as it makes your digestion better. You can also have green tea occasionally.

The next popular blood group is type A, such people are often anxious or depressed. If you are among this category then make sure to have jasmine tea, it will relax and soothe you. Otherwise, you can also have marigold or gunpowder green tea.

The third type is B, people belonging to this one are mostly found to be dull, inactive and sluggish. For them, it is advised to have green tea regularly to get energetic and motivated towards life. You can also have herbal and organic tea.

Lastly, the rarest blood group type AB has the least population all over the world, these people should not have caffeinated beverages such as coffee. So for such humans young green and herbal tea would be the best recommendation.

My thoughts and opinion

Me being a Blood type B+ person, I regularly have organic green tea at least once a day. I usually prefer having it at night because I get tired after the whole day crap and need something refreshing for good night sleep.

Since the day I started having it I have found a sense of power in myself. Earlier I could barely get up early in the morning. But nowadays it’s not much of a haze, I feel quite enthusiastic and energetic too.

If you are a ginger tea lover like me but your blood group suggests green or herbal tea then try having this tea mentioned below, it includes ginger, tulsi(basil) and lemon. All the three ingredients can help you out no matter you belong to which blood group. And the best thing is you get it at a discounted rate on Amazon. So you can have it at your home peacefully without visiting the general store and you are saving money as well.

At last, all you need to know is your blood type and follow your diet accordingly. Make sure to Just Say Chai!


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