Just Say Chai is for those who prefer knowing more about beverages, the ingredients present in them, & much more. As the name suggests, this website content will reveal a lot more about tea as compared to the other drinks. We are passionate about tasting & reviewing different beverages & enlighting the world about it.

About MeSheetal Tiwari

Hi, I’m Sheetal, a young chai lover from India. An engineer by profession and tea enthusiast by choice. In India, one of the most popular traditional beverage is tea & it has made me an addict already. Being a North Indian, I’m fond of trying rich and flavourful infusions of tea and this has developed a love for beverages as well as gaining more & more knowledge about it. Preserving the culture & identity is my ultimate goal and hence here I am sharing my thoughts and experiences with the world.

My Story

It all started on that particular day, I was returning from college and it was raining heavily. Unfortunately, I had forgotten to carry my umbrella that day. By the time I reached home, I had already caught a severe cold & was shivering to death. I was quite frustrated and was talking gibberish stuff. Mom could sense it and she said in anger, “Just Say Chai! I know that’s all you need.” I actually went numb and realised that tea is actually my elixir and can make me calm down in a fraction of seconds. All I could think was, “How many people around the world are like me, Who consider tea as their companion…” So that day I thought to share my views and stories with the world.

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