A visit to Tea Villa Cafe

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Hello dear readers, most of y’all would have already visited Tea Villa, those who haven’t I’m here for you sharing my own experience.

Recently I had been to Tea Villa Cafe (Ghatkopar East) for the very first time and I am already spellbound, the ambience was so delightful & the aroma was breathtaking. While taking a look at their menu I just couldn’t get over the fascinating fact that they serve around 100 variants of tea, I mean like seriously?. It seemed like a paradise for chai lovers.

Experiencing the ‘Berry Bunch Tea’

After gazing at the menu for a long time I finally decided which tea I would like to taste. I chose the Berry Bunch Tea (Rs. 175) as it is one of their specialities, it’s refreshing with an explosion of various berries like cranberry, strawberry, blueberry, etc. However, the strawberry was dominating the flavour still you could get an essence of the remaining.

Tea Villa Cafe Berry Bunch Tea


Tea Villa snacks & more

Tea Villa has some of the most relishing snacks of various cuisines including Indian, Italian and many more.

We ordered a plate of Stuffed Cheese Fritters (Rs. 295) that were tempting as hell, the outer covering was sizzling hot & crispy while the cheese inside was melted so well that each bite of it seemed heavenly.

Stuffed Cheese Fritters

Then we ordered the Mac N Cheese Fries (Rs. 275), although I’m not a Pasta lover but this was something different than usual, it totally looked mouth watering. The fries were loaded with cheese still maintaining the crispness and the pasta was so soft and full of flavour.

Mac N Cheese Fries

Lastly, who can say no to dessert, we ordered the famous Chocolate Loaded Waffle (Rs. 275) the waffles were crunchy and layered with dark, milk and white chocolate served with aa cup of chocolate. So if you have a sweet tooth then you will definitely love it.

Chocolate Loaded Waffle

Tea Villa is truly a remarkable Cafe where you can enjoy with your friends & family, with an affordable range of luscious snacks and overwhelming varieties of tea & coffee. Just Say Chai is amazed by Tea Villa Cafe & I’m sure you will too.


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