Get healthier this quarantine with Cambridge Tea Party!


Hola tea gang! I hope y’all are doing fine this quarantine. Amidst this COVID-19 situation, all of us are stuck at home, adults being busy working while children are fed up studying online. All of us want to go out & have fun again, but at the same time, everyone is scared that they might … Read more

Brew it like the Colombians Brew Coffee!

Colombian Brew Coffee

Just like chai addicts, there are people out there who can’t stand a single day without coffee. They cannot say no to a cup of freshly brewed coffee. If you are one of them then you won’t regret checking out this article. Having one or two cups of coffee a day won’t cause any harm. … Read more

Raju ki Chai: Colaba’s best-loved tea spot!

Raju Ki Chai

Hello tea lovers, how many of you visit Chhayos, Tea Villa and other such cafes regularly? That too just for the sake of a heart throbbing cup of tea? I’m sure that maximum of y’all will say yes! Well, I also belong to the majority. Wherever I go my eyes search for cafes and tea … Read more

Keep it Raw with Raw Pressery!

Raw Pressery Juice

Many of us are used to having canned juices that are flooded with preservatives and additives. I wonder how many of you would prefer having fresh natural juices. I am sure there are plenty of people out there who will any day choose organic over the synthetic ones. However its quite tricky and boring to … Read more

Highs and Lows of having Tea during Pregnancy

Pregnant lady

Disclaimer: This article is not based on any personal experience. It contains information gathered from various sources. It is advisable to consult your obstetrician before trying out any type of tea. Read at your own risk. Pregnancy is a very crucial phase in each and every woman’s life. The soon to be mother & father … Read more

Cardamom: The spice of Indian tea!


Chai is the authentic beverage of India, its something that you can have at any time of the year. Let it be summer or winter, autumn or monsoon. Every season has a relevant type of tea. In winter/rainy season you can have ginger or masala chai that will keep you away from the viral diseases. … Read more

Matcha Tea -The new Coffee?

Matcha tea

Hello, my dear readers, this article is not only for tea addicts but for the coffee lovers as well. Today I’ll be talking about the current worldwide trending tea. Oh yes! Matcha it is. It is a finely ground powdered green tea which can be a boon for you. History of Matcha The tradition of … Read more

Wazuka – The Japanese tea heaven!

Matcha Tea

Hola chai lovers, as you know the season of tea is here already so I thought to enlighten y’all with not so famous tea heaven on earth. People don’t know much about this place and consider it like any other town. This place is known as ‘Wazuka’, a small town somewhere in Kyoto, Japan. Daiki … Read more

Blood Type: Tea Positive

Herbal Tea

Nothing can beat a sizzling hot cup of tea with the pleasant fragrance of herbs, agreed? We all know that the answer would be Yes. What if I say you that tea could be beneficial to humans based on their blood type… Shocked? So was I when I heard about it, I did some detailed … Read more

Ginger tea makes everything better


Hola Amigos, hope you are having a great day, if not then have a cup of tea. Tea is something that you can have anytime & anywhere, no matter whether you are at home or office, at your terrace or in the balcony. Tea is obviously the best beverage over the rest but wait until … Read more